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Standard Cyber Internal Threat Detection

As part of our standard package, we provide essential security services free of charge. Take advantage of the following features by informing us of your interest:

  • Timely installation of critical patches on network computers within 30 days.

  • Network security measures to authorize only legitimate wireless connections.

  • Restricted access to accounting computers, business owner computers, and IT Admin computers for authorized users only.

  • Authorized access to designated printers only.

  • Controlled addition of new users to the domain and new local computer administrators.

  • Minimal use of IT administration access.

  • Prevention of unauthorized users from logging into multiple computer systems.

  • Addition of authorized new devices to restricted networks.

  • Enforcement of user access only to authorized systems.


Platinum Cyber Internal Threat Detection Package: Upgrade to our Platinum package for a monthly fee and enjoy all the features of the Standard package, along with additional premium services:

  • Exclusive access to computers with ePHI and cardholder data environment (CDE) limited to authorized users.

  • Scrutiny of suspicious logins for enhanced security.

  • Timely installation of critical patches on DMZ computers within 30 days.

  • Control over any changes on locked-down computers.

  • Restricted internet access for computers not authorized to connect directly.

  • Monitoring of network changes within internal networks and internal wireless networks.

  • Immediate resolution of medium and high severity internal vulnerabilities.


Secure your network with TRIS Technology Solutions, where cybersecurity meets excellence. For inquiries or to sign up for our Cyber Internal Threat Detection services, contact us at 661-900-7146.

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