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Elevate Your Hedge Fund with TRIS Ultra Cyber Security

& Advanced Managed IT Services

Embark on a cybersecurity journey beyond boundaries with TRIS Ultra Cyber Security at the forefront. At TRIS Technology Solutions, we don't just address challenges; we architect the future for hedge funds and asset management firms. In a landscape where microseconds matter, anticipate unparalleled cybersecurity—where security meets agility, and performance aligns with innovation.

Pioneering Tomorrow's Challenges Today

In a realm of dynamic complexity, performance is paramount. We decipher the evolving landscape, tackling challenges such as:

  • Forging robust, high-speed infrastructure for daily trading and investment operations.

  • Navigating the intricate compliance landscape orchestrated by SEC, FINRA, and state-led governing bodies.

  • Mastering the nuances of multi-cloud application usage to thwart data sprawl and enhance security.


TRIS Ultra Cyber Security: Forging the Future

Whether launching a new hedge fund or steering an established investment firm, TRIS Ultra Cyber Security strikes the delicate balance you crave. Our avant-garde cybersecurity, compliance, and cloud services are backed by a 24x7 customer-first approach, ensuring accessibility and responsiveness define your cyber horizon.

Next-Gen Managed IT Support

  • Immerse in 24x7 access to our elite Service Desk.

  • Experience proactive maintenance, real-time monitoring, and precision patching for Windows and third-party apps. Future-Ready Support, Crafted for Your Every Need.


Innovative Cybersecurity

  • Deploy advanced threat protection and a meticulous vulnerability assessment.

  • Navigate the cyber realm with a managed SIEM and an in-house SOC, ensuring real-time threat response.

  • Stay ahead of the game with endpoint detection and response mechanisms. Anticipate and Mitigate Cyber Threats Before They Surface.


Strategic Compliance Mastery

  • Sail through regulator and investor concerns effortlessly.

  • Track and classify data across your networks with finesse.

  • Unearth and prioritize vulnerabilities aligned with financial risks. Stay Ahead of Emerging Compliance Challenges.


Robust Backup & DR Strategies

  • Engage in enterprise-level remote backup capabilities.

  • Embrace aggressive Recovery Time Objectives to slash downtime. Remain Operational, Even Amidst Unforeseen Disruptions.


Future-Proof Your Operations with Robust Backup & Disaster Recovery.

Why Opt for TRIS as Your Hedge Fund Cyber Sentinel?

  • Futuristic Flexibility: Tailor your cloud, security, or managed support service to adapt seamlessly to the ever-evolving future.

  • Customer-Centric Futurism: Immerse in the highest level of customer service and support, crafted with an eye on your ever-evolving needs.

  • Innovation for Tomorrow: We're not just tech enthusiasts; we're Silicon Valley visionaries, perpetually evaluating cutting-edge tools and technologies to ensure you stay ahead.


SEC Cybersecurity Compliance: Fortifying Your Future Strategy

Stay ahead of SEC cybersecurity compliance with insights from our trailblazers. Immerse yourself in our on-demand webinar, decoding the intricacies of proposed cybersecurity risk management rules.

Leadership & Recognition: Forging the Future

Delve into our cyber narratives and discover why TRIS Technology Solutions secured its title as the Best Managed IT Service Provider to hedge funds at the 2023 HFM US Services Awards.

Forge a Future-Ready Cyber Partnership with TRIS

Contact TRIS Technology Solutions at 661-900-7146 to sculpt a cyber partnership that not only meets but foresees the future needs of hedge funds. Elevate your hedge fund, investment firm, or family office with the dynamic fusion of TRIS solutions because at TRIS, we don't just prepare for today; we're architecting the future of cyber excellence.

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