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Banking IT Services by TRIS Technology Solutions: Your Trusted Partner


Welcome to TRIS Technology Solutions, where we've been empowering banks and financial institutions for over two decades. Serving Bakersfield and Orange County, we understand the unique challenges faced by community banks, credit unions, and multi-branch institutions.

Your IT Solution Journey Starts Here

Tailored Solutions for Banking Challenges

Discover TRIS Technology Solutions' banking industry IT services designed to tackle everyday challenges:

  1. Strategic Growth: Let's foster efficiency and scalability, supporting your bank's strategic growth.

  2. Regulatory Compliance: Stay compliant effortlessly with FDIC, GLBA, SEC, and other regulations.

  3. Data Management: Navigate the complexities of handling customer and transactional data with ease.

  4. Proactive Cyber Threat Management: We're here to proactively manage financial and operational risks posed by cyber threats.


Navigating Cybersecurity Threats

As banking moves into the digital age, we help you understand and navigate cybersecurity threats. Our evolving solutions keep pace with the latest innovations, ensuring your bank and your customers are protected.

IT Compliance Made Simple

Meet stringent IT compliance requirements with our fully managed IT compliance service, TRIS Ultra Cyber Security. It provides clear visibility into potential exposures and compliance hurdles, making compliance a breeze.

Regulatory Compliance Standards

Our services align with compliance demands from various regulators, including FDIC, GLBA, NIST CSF, and ISO 27001. We're here to support you in meeting reporting requirements accurately and on time.

Mitigating Risk with TRIS Ultra Cyber Security

Discover TRIS Ultra Cyber Security, our managed cybersecurity service offering end-to-end security support for banks. We'll help you protect critical information, reduce downtime, and align services with your IT budget and security requirements.

Get in Touch for a Secure Banking Future

Contact TRIS Technology Solutions at 661-900-7146 to embark on your banking IT journey. Our team is here to fortify your IT infrastructure, ensure compliance against evolving cybersecurity threats, and prioritize your success. Let's navigate the future together.

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