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Are you worried that your employees might be using

work hours for personal tasks?


Have you observed any potentially malicious behavior? Do you want a clearer understanding of how your team's time is utilized? TRIS Technology Solutions, based in Bakersfield and serving Orange County, is here to assist you in monitoring your employees...


Are you concerned that your employees may be using their work time for personal tasks?

Are they exhibiting any behavior that you suspect could be malicious in nature? Do you want to have a better picture of how your employees’ time is being spent? TRIS Technology Solutions can now help you monitor your employees' activities on their computers while they're at work.


Wondering what your employees are doing on their work computers?

Utilizing discreet online agents through our dashboard, we can inspect and report all activities on your employees' computers. This allows you to monitor security, maintain attendance records, and track overall productivity with logs providing evidence of hours spent on work-related and non-work-related activities.


What types of activities can we track?


Curious about the activities we can monitor for employee tracking? TRIS Technology Solutions can seamlessly use our inconspicuous agent to check website history, website searches, social media usage (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), applications used, keystrokes, instant messaging tools, and corporate as well as personal email (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, apple etc.).


Gain genuine insights into employee performance

We can generate reports that document personal versus professional usage and share them with you for your records and review. Consistent personal use of work hours may equate to theft from the company. With the insights TRIS Technology Solutions can provide, we can assist you in determining if any employees may warrant a performance review or even discharge.


If you're interested in TRIS Technology Solutions conducting employee monitoring to assess the security and productivity of your business, please give us a call at (661) 900-7146 or contact us.

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