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Future-Ready Government & Law Enforcement IT Services with TRIS Ultra Cyber Security

Explore advanced IT solutions with TRIS Technology Solutions. We specialize in cyber

security, compliance, and tailored technology services to meet the unique challenges of this sector.


Anticipate excellence with TRIS Ultra Cyber Security:

1. Next-Gen IT Services: Tailored solutions for governement entities and law enforcement addressing technology needs with precision.

2. Comprehensive Cyber Security: Protect sensitive data with risk assessments, threat monitoring, vulnerablitity management, and advanced firewalls.

3. Regulatory Compliance Mastery: Navigate increasing security expectations with certified compliance professionals ensuring adherence to standards like CJIS and CMMC.

4. Ultra Secure Private Cloud Hosting: Elevate IT infrastructure with our Ultra Host private cloud, offering flexibility, security, and expert management. 

5. Ultra-Reliable Backup & Recovery: Safeguard critical data with Ultra Store backup solutions featuring encrypted transmission and customizable options.

6. CJIS-Compliant Ultra Data Center: Host confidential information securely in our CJIS-Compliant data center, monitored by our in-house Security Operations Engineers. 

7. California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (CLETS) Message Management System: Seamlessly integrate CLETS for efficient message management ensureing compliance and secure communication.

Contact TRIS Technology Solutions at 661-900-7146.

Let our experts provide the specialzed support your business deserves.


TRIS Technology Solutions - Leading the Way in IT Excellence 

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